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Soulkeeper amulet with aquamarine

Soulkeeper amulet with aquamarine

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Soul keeper amulet with aquamarine. 

Handmade in sterling silver.

2.6 x 3.2 cm 

In times of great stress or trauma parts of our soul can leave our body. It is a form of protection in order to keep us from feeling to much pain at ones. However it is important to have all of our soul with us in order to feel whole and complete. If not we can become depressed, get sick or become stuck in ptsd. To reclaim all our soul and feel truly safe again can be a process. But you can start with speaking to it, you can ask it gently to come back, explain that you need all of it here, you can ask what it needs and let it know that you will take care of it and always listen to it. The hummingbirds are used in some shaman traditions to assist in bringing lost soul parts back to our bodies as they can fly and travel lightly between worlds and dimensions. If you feel called you can also ask them to assist you. 

I hope this amulet can make you remember all of who you are. Your light, joy and humanness. Your aliveness.

And i hope this amulet can serv you as a protection trough dark times, to never loose hope. 

The amulet comes with a sterling silver chain 42 cm long, as on the picture. If you would like to buy the amulet with out chain, please contact me and I will adjust the price.

One of a kind. 

with love ♡

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